Step 1: Admit I have a problem

Hi, My name is Aja and I am a time-waste-aholic.

So I just made a small assessment of myself. One of the things I do that keeps me from writing, which actually is an extension of my previous post, is easily lose track of time. Well, shit, I can’t even say that I lose track of it, but I sure as hell don’t make the most of it. Today, I had the earlier part of the day off. After getting the kids off to school I was still tired,…I didn’t feel like writing. Should have took my ass to sleep, right? But what did I do? I shitted around all morning skimming nosily through Facebook, checking my emails and watching Jill Scott videos on YouTube. Next thing I know its almost time to pick the kids up.(Where in the bleepity bleep did the bleepin time go? Damn, I guess I did lose it!) I had just enough time to hop in the shower and get my hair decent enough to lay smoothly under a hat. (Ugh!You know they know it ain’t a fashion statement) After I get the kids it’s straight to work.

Now, I’m immediately regretting wasting my time like I did and can now think of a billion and one things I’d love to do (instead of working ;-))

This habit must be broken. I think I’ll start making myself a schedule to follow and/or allotting a certain amount of time for some things. Dang! That’s something I’d make my kids do, Lol! But hey, if it works and gets results I’ll do it.


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