All Was Not Lost

Yesterday I mentioned how while wasting my precious time away, I watched Jill Scott videos on YouTube . Well, whowuddathunk I’d gain a little sumthin out of that and be all the wiser!?!

So Jill mentioned (in an interview with The Breakfast Club Power 105.1) that she still rides the city bus sometimes. She said that she uses the riders’ conversations as inspiration for her music and poetry. She called this form of eavesdropping, “ear hustling.” Lol!!!  Seriously though, just think about the stories that you would come across on the bus, or in the mall eatery, or a school cafeteria. All the stories starting like, …

“OOOH, Giiiiiirrrrrllll, let me tell you about this muthafu…”

and, “Hey dawg, I had this shorty over last night and it went down!”

and, “If this bitch don’t pay me soon, Ima have to…”

or maybe, “I know he cheatin’ but he my baby dad and I love him.”

and, “With the rent due and my car payment how in the fuck am I supposed to buy groceries, let alone birthday presents?”

Oh, and I know it’s even better in person ! When you hear the emotion behind the voice and see the expression in their body language. How could it not be inspiring to put pencil to paper?

Sooooo, if it ain’t obvious by now, Jill baby, I’m so jackin’ your style. Maybe on those lazy days when I don’t feel like writing, I’ll hop on the bus, pretend to be just gazing out the window or even better have on some headphones so folks think I’m listening to music, and take note.



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