Long Time, No See (..I Mean Write)

So, it’s been a while since I’ve wrote. However, not due to procrastination this time. I had my plate full the last month or so. My little cuz came to stay with me right after having her baby and I did my best to help nurture her back to full health. I was basically like pretending to be her mom (which would make me the baby’s grandma) Yea, that sweet new baby did something to me. I was in the housecoat and slippers whipping up whole stews and crock pot soups and the whole nine. LOL! But now they’ve moved on. So, I’m back to my old little boring life which provides me with plenty (not really plenty but enough at least) of free time to blog. 

A lot (topics for writing) has been on my mind, lately. I just can’t quite remember what! I swear I get so many great ideas to write about when I’m not writing. Then when I finally sit down at my computer, my mind goes blank. Ugh! Don’t you hate that!?! But, I think the new season is bringing with it fresh ideas and new inspiration. I just feel it!


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