Maxine’s Diner

Chapter 7 Maxine’s Diner Instead of riding out in the BMW parked out front, they left the house through the garage and got into a matte black Dodge Challenger that sat on two pair of black twenty inch rims. The 35 percent tint on the windows prevented people outside the car from seeing inside at … Continue reading Maxine’s Diner


Fingers in the Foyer

Chapter 6 Fingers in the Foyer A soft digital purring ring came from the phone on the nightstand in room 314. It was barely loud enough to wake Manny. No matter. He hadn’t been asleep long. His eyes peeled apart slowly. He picked up in the middle of the fourth ring. “Hello?” Manny answered. “Good … Continue reading Fingers in the Foyer


Chapter 2 Acceptance Manny skipped up Brandon Porter’s porch and tapped gently on his screen door. He had been dogged out before for knocking too hard. Brandon’s father looked back at the door from over his shoulder and from where he sat on his couch, without even acknowledging Manny, called for his only child. “Yes … Continue reading Acceptance