Commitment to Finish

I am now more than halfway finished with revising the rough draft of my novel. This is the furthest I have ever gotten with a personal writing project. Although, I am proud of myself, I know that coming down this home stretch is where it’s going to get tough. Finishing through with projects is usually where I come up short. I love starting new projects. New stories. Making up the characters, the plot, the title! The exciting fun part, the beginning, I could do for days on end. However, following it through to completion, that’s the real work. The part where I usually call it quits. giphy.gif


This morning, out of the blue (but not haphazard, I am sure), I remembered this art project I did my first year in college ( You see, I started out as a fine arts major and only later switched to journalism). We were supposed to do a project that represented the season. It was autumn, and me, clearly trying to be the most uninspired and boring student in the class, chose to focus on the leaves. I know. Deep, huh? The first day working on the project, I went out got a poster board and glued random leaves, which were in abundance, all over the paper. That was easy enough! Right? My professor, was too through with me. Lol. He basically wanted to know if, one, I was serious and two, did I realize I was in college and not kindergarten?

giphy (1).gif

The next day, I went out and tried my best to find leaves that I felt made fall feel like fall, being more conscious of the colors, shapes and sizes. I added those to poster, this time paying more attention to placement. I took it in to my professor and he said, “That’s a nice start.”  So at this point I’m thinking, “Damn. I am ready to be done with this thing. It’s just leaves for goodness sake!”

Long story short, by the end of the “leaf project” I had torn leaves down to veins, added paint and ink to some, made leaves into stampers and copied them onto the poster, and all sorts of various art techniques to receive my “A” for that piece. At the end of the class, the professor had named me “most improved” and had said in the beginning he had not been so sure about me (LOL) but I had followed through and had grown in my craft.

giphy (2).gif

So, this morning, when I remembered this project, this class, and the professors words, it came to me that this was exactly what I must do with my writing. That rough draft was me going into that professor that first time with the random leaves glued to the poster. Now, I’m revising, the first revision, getting it ready for presentation. However, it’s nowhere near completion.  Just a “nice start.” I know that there is much more time, sweat and myself to be put into this thing. This art.

This month, I have chosen to hone in on my writing. I am committing myself to finishing this revision and giving this novel my best. I have come a long way but I still have much work to do!


I’m off! Happy Writing!



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