Love’s Song


Chapter 17 Love’s Song

Khia pushed a button on the steering wheel in her fluorescent pearl Lexus IS-150 and the gate opened. The car purred as she pushed on the gas and sped away from her house. Manny wondered how long would it be before Dr. Jameson realized he was gone, and then until he realized his daughter was too.

“Where are we going?” Manny asked. It was just hitting the middle of the afternoon. The day was still young.

“I want to go to your place,” Khia said.

“My aunt’s house? Why are you always trying to visit the hood?” Manny asked. Laughing but serious.

“No. I want to go to your room…at the hotel.” Khia kept her eyes on the road.
Manny licked his lips and bit down hard on his bottom one, forcing the creases in his jaw line to show up.

“Okay,” Manny said, not sure what all he was signing up for. Khia looked at Manny and grinned.

“Okay,” she said.

Khia pulled into the hotels parking garage instead of parking out front. They got out and took the elevator up to Manny’s floor, skipping the front desk entirely. The suite looked small and plain compared to the house they had just left.

“This is nice,” Khia said. “I’ve never been in any of the rooms here, I’ve only been to the spa.”

She gave herself a quick tour of Manny’s home away from home.

“What you got to eat. I’m hungry,” Khia asked on her way into the kitchen.

“I dunno. There’s some cookies and fruit and stuff in there,” Manny said from the chair in the living room. She opened his refrigerator door.

“This is all you have?” Khia asked.

“We can order room service,” Manny said.

“Oh yeah, let’s do that,” Khia plopped down on top of Manny’s lap. She stretched her chocolate legs across the arm of the chair and let her flip flops dangle off her feet and fall to the floor.

Mmmm, Manny wasn’t sure if he had moaned out loud or only in his mind.

Manny adjusted himself in the chair. Khia grabbed the hotel phone on the end table and dialed “0.”

“Room Service,” she said into the receiver. She winked at Manny as she waited for someone to come to the phone. Manny stared at her. He wondered if Raele had answered the phone.

“I’ll take the surf n’ turf…yes, please… twelve ounce, medium rare, thank you…ginger ale is fine and,” she stopped.

Khia mouthed to Manny if he wanted anything else before she hung up.

“You,” he mouthed back. Khia blushed.

“That’ll be all,” Khia said to the room service attendant and put the phone back on the table. When she turned back around Manny was gazing into her face. He pulled at the bun on top of her head and it fell into a ponytail. Khia pulled out her ponytail holder and let her shiny black strands fall to her back. Manny tenderly pulled her face to his. He kissed her lips once. Then came back for more, this time opening his mouth to taste her tongue. She gave it to him, over and over. In perfect harmony, they sang a sensuous song, Manny the smooth tenor, Khia the sweet soprano. With his eyes closed, Manny’s hands sought out the wonders of Khia’s body. He found Khia’s breast and gently squeezed. He sucked her bottom lip, and thought of what he’d love to do with his handful.

“Unhhh,” Khia’s new song, dragged out thick and it told Manny that he was getting it right. He pulled up her tank top and could see her nipples through her sports bra. He squeezed again.

“Shit Manny,” Khia trembled through quick short breaths.

Shit Khia.

Manny sucked in air through his teeth. He could hear the air conditioner running and yet sweat was beading at his hairline.

His hands traveled underneath her bra and felt her. Naked and real. The timing of their song slowed. Manny grew a little. Khia’s breaths were coming from somewhere deeper and so she squeezed her thighs together to try and stop it at the source. Trying to still kiss Manny but finding it more and more difficult to do while focusing on the Nile between her legs. Manny let her focus on her river and used his mouth to continue his exploration. He sucked on his handful of nakedness and what was left of Khia’s constraint spilled out. He grew taller.

“Oh, my God,” She cried. She tilted her head back and let Manny use his lips to travel from her breast to her neck and in reverse back to her lips, which now were trembling. Manny eased her trembling mouth with his steady one. They sang in harmony again.
A knock at the door interrupted their song. Or at least, put it on pause.

“Room service,” A woman’s voice called out. Khia was still drunk from the music they had just made. Her breast still bare and wet, making her nipples shine like small chocolate candies. There was no way she could get the door. Manny lifted her up off his lap and stood up she sat back down in the chair while he went to answer the door.He was trying to think of something, anything, lame to calm the rigidness in his pants.

A, B, C, D, E, F, G… Manny sung in his head. The song had no effect, whatsoever.

Manny cracked the door and took the covered meal from the lady. She handed him a ginger ale from off her cart then flung back her long blonde hair.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Wright,” a young woman, in her early twenties smiled seductively at Manny. She reminded him of someone. He couldn’t place her but he also didn’t care to. The lady was eyeing the bulge in his pants and licked her lips.

Nope. Not my type.

“Hi,” He avoided any more eye contact and retrieved ten dollars from his pocket. He handed her the money and closed the door.

Khia had stepped away to the bathroom. Quietly, she crept back into the room with her clothes back in order.

Manny sat back in the chair.

“I am so hungry,” Khia said. She walked up to the counter in the kitchen and grabbed two sets of silverware from the drawer and then two glasses from out of the cabinet. Then she headed back to the small dining table, where the food was and sat down.
Manny looked at her. His eyes smiling, his dimples deep. He opened his legs wide and set back deeper into the chair.

“What you scared of,” He asked Khia, who was taking the dome off her plate.

“Boy, bye. I’m not afraid of anything,” She lied. Her delicate eyes didn’t.

“So, why you way over there,” Manny teased.

“I told you, I’m hungry,” Khia said softly, then giggled. “Manny, leave me alone.”

“You sure you want me to do that?” He asked. His eyebrow warning her to say what she meant.

Khia grinned big and sighed, “No, I’m not sure. Anyway, do you want some of this food? I ordered enough for both of us.”

Manny snickered

She trying to change the subject, he thought.

He got up and walked over to the table where Khia sat. The food in her mouth went down hard. Her eyelashes fluttered. Manny sat in the chair across from her and scooted

it closer. He took a small bite of the lobster, something he never would have ordered himself. He liked it.

“Dip it in the lemon butter sauce,” Khia suggested.

“Damn, that’s bomb,” Manny said licking his lips and chomping on the fish.

“I know right,” Khia laughed. Manny laughed too.

Why have I never had this? Manny thought. Oh, yea…we couldn’t afford it. He remembered.

He took another bite dipped in the sauce.

“No, but really? You good?” Manny asked still chewing. His eyes serious.

Khia looked at her new friend.

“Yes, Manny. I’m good.” She took a sip of her ginger ale, which she had poured into the glasses.

“I just don’t know what we are doing. You know?” She didn’t wait for him to answer. “I mean I can tell you like me and I like you too, but for real, we just met and well, to be honest,” she stopped. Khia looked up and rolled her eyes. She had become slightly annoyed.

“What’s wrong?” Manny asked. He looked in her eyes and hoped for a clue.

“I’m a virgin,” Khia stated.

“Oh,” Manny was stuck for a second.

Does she think I’m like Don Juan Pimp Juice or something? Shit, I’ve only ever been with one girl.

He chose not to say what was on his mind for fear of seeming inexperienced.

Khia stammered for words to fill the silence, “I’m down for… you know. I just want it to be the at the right time and to be sure,” Like their song, she paused.

“I’m the right one,” Manny finished.

“Yeah, that’s all I’m trying to say.” Khia said softly, her face in her plate.

“No. Khia I’m telling you.” With his hand he took her chin and lifted her eyes to his. “I’m the right one,” He nodded his head up and down trying to reassure her.

Khia stared at him for a moment then she asked, as unsure as her eyes looked, “How do you know?”

“I just know.” He answered as confident as his heart felt.

“We’re not even official, yet,” she said, all her sass rushing back in. Her lips were tooted and waiting for his response.

“You got another nigga?” He asked her. Knowing he better know the answer.

“No, stupid,” Khia said. She playfully slapped his face.

“Alright then. Your mine,” Manny said matter-of-factly.

“Just like that? Huh,” Khia played hard but inside all her chocolate was melting.

“I mean… Is that okay with you?” He was very sincere.

Khia nodded.

“And we don’t have to rush to do anything. Alright?” His fingertips brushed over her brow and slid her hair behind her ear.

She nodded again. On the inside, she was a puddle.

They ate their dinner and rambled about all the things fresh new couples ramble about. He talked about his childhood. She talked about hers. Both thinking the others was more interesting than their own. They switched to the love-seat and talked some more. Sitting closer than close, they talked until the color of the sky told them it was going to be a new day soon.

“You want me to get you home. I can pick you back up to get your car in the morning,”

I don’t want her to go.

Khia shook her head. “I want to stay here. With you.”

“Okay,” Manny said.

Manny went into his bedroom, Khia followed behind him. The strap from the duffel bag was peeking from under the bed. He used his foot to swiftly kick it back out of sight on his way to the dresser. He opened a drawer and pulled out a T-shirt and basketball shorts for Khia to sleep in. She took the clothes under her arm and went to the bathroom attached to the bedroom.

Manny fluffed the pillows on the bed. Still feeling the feathery wings of the butterflies all about his insides, he used the remote to turn on the television, flipping through the channels trying to find something cool and light. Sports, the news, comedy. Something that would lighten the mood a little. Let some of the steam out of the room. Help him to keep his word and keep his hands to himself. Behind him he could hear the water from the shower beating on the walls. The warm smell led in by the steam was sweet and tempting. He didn’t want to watch TV anymore. He hit the power button and placed the remote back on the shelf.

Manny tiptoed in the bathroom and watched his lady dripping wet behind the clouded glass. He watched until there wasn’t anything soft left on his body. He watched until his own clothes were pressed hard under his two feet. Until he was behind her dripping wet, as well. Wet from the shower. Wet from the watching. He watched her until he forgot his promise. To wait. Khia couldn’t care less. She wanted to push play just as bad he did. The energy was too strong. Even the Ylang Ylang and Vanilla in the water pouring down from the spout of the shower seemed to be encouraging them to give love a go tonight. Khia turned around and faced Manny. Someone somewhere must’ve pushed play. They continued their song that they had started earlier. With Khia lifted in the air, Manny strummed each one of her passions like strings on a guitar, trying to set them into motion. Hitting her every chord. Slow and steady, he rode the rhythm of her African bongos. Never missed a beat. On key, in perfect unison, they made music. They made love.

Copyright © 2017 by AJ Crowder


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