Love’s Song

Chapter 17 Love's Song Khia pushed a button on the steering wheel in her fluorescent pearl Lexus IS-150 and the gate opened. The car purred as she pushed on the gas and sped away from her house. Manny wondered how long would it be before Dr. Jameson realized he was gone, and then until he … Continue reading Love’s Song


Ball ‘Til You Fall

Chapter 15 Ball ‘Til You Fall In the wee hours of the morning, finding it difficult to sleep, Manny figured it was the perfect time to take advantage of his full featured Jacuzzi tub. He had the day off, as stated in the amended schedule he had found at the foot of the door on … Continue reading Ball ‘Til You Fall


Chapter 14 E.W. The entire day had led up to this moment. Slow and painful, Manny had went through the monotonous steps of his internship. The wake up call, the eucalyptus infused shower, the not as good as Aunt El’s french toast, the judging hazel eyes of Mrs. Lemon, the quiet dark ride out on … Continue reading E.W.