Chapter 11 Ether Manny stood in Mrs. Lemons office, with his hands in his pockets, awaiting his orders for the day. “The detective called and said he could use you today so I pushed back the home visit with the doctor for next week,” Mrs. Lemon said pointing to a next Monday on her desk … Continue reading Ether

Good Riddance

Being honest, I usually do not have the nerve to kick unnecessary people out of my life. However, when they, for whatever reason, choose to walk out on their own, I somehow always find the wherewithal to run behind them and lock the fucking door!


If I’d let you, you’d take all of me, wouldn't you? Down to the very last piece of me Not even leaving bones or blood. Not even leaving a reminder that I once was. And sometimes I still feel guilty for not giving it to you.


Hey... Of all the words floating about my mind That’s about all I can muster up to say To you. Have no clue how it came to this, tho. Yes, I’ve changed. So have you. I remember you. Us. I love those memories, most of them, at least. I hate you now. Get the urge … Continue reading Hey