Chapter 14 E.W. The entire day had led up to this moment. Slow and painful, Manny had went through the monotonous steps of his internship. The wake up call, the eucalyptus infused shower, the not as good as Aunt El’s french toast, the judging hazel eyes of Mrs. Lemon, the quiet dark ride out on … Continue reading E.W.

First Kiss

Chapter 13 First Kiss With Dominique and Brandon now tagging along, it had become an official double date. They chose to go to Coast, a hip-hop skating rink, about 5 minutes from Manny’s and Brandon’s neighborhood. It was packed. Music, mostly bass, was bumping and big hips guided by roller skates swayed all over the … Continue reading First Kiss

Date Night

Chapter 12 Date Night He hadn’t seen her since the community meeting and with all the crazy shit going on with the detective he had forgotten exactly how and why even, Khia had stolen his heart. Now it was all coming back to him, as she sashayed herself confidently up to the limo window, wearing … Continue reading Date Night


Chapter 11 Ether Manny stood in Mrs. Lemons office, with his hands in his pockets, awaiting his orders for the day. “The detective called and said he could use you today so I pushed back the home visit with the doctor for next week,” Mrs. Lemon said pointing to a next Monday on her desk … Continue reading Ether


Chapter 10 Commune “Good morning, Mr Wright. This is Raele at the front desk,” a soft voice said into Manny’s ear. “Aww. What’s up Raele?” Manny interrupted Raele before she could finish the “this is your wake-up call” speech. So far it had always been Louise. Manny was happy to hear the change. He adjusted … Continue reading Commune